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  1. I’m an Atlc3a9tico de Madrid fan, and I have been playing and wchtaing football for 20 years and let me tell you El Kun Agc3bcero is among the 5 best players I have ever seen along players like Maradona, Romario, Ronaldo and Zidane. Agc3bcero is just too much of a player, he can solve matches alone.

  2. Anoymous Good side. Doubling up on BIR defense is a risk, but you never know. Excellent mieifdld and forward line.I would play Etherington over Malouda if you think Liverpool will win or draw. I think CHE will win 2-1 or it will be a 1-1, so it’s really a tough toss up. I think that Etherington vs Malouda is your only big headache.Do you want to be risky (Malouda range is 2-11 or so for that game in my opinion) or conservative (Etherington range is probably 4-9 or so for the 2 games) I’d go Etherington, he’s on some free kicks and one assist plus the 2 games will leave you very happy I would captain one of your three strikers or Bale.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous . Quality batadcrsos to accommodate our diverse community, a beautiful heritage site, a long standing tenant, and if they remove the facilities (as part of the redevelopment) what kind of business, community use will the building be good for, they too will need a toilet! The developer garners another 8years to develop the entire site, what then, again ask for another extension? Is all this to add a coffee shop or another $2 shop or worse still allow the building to fall in to disrepair laying vacant- appalling very sad. 2GLF is part of Liverpool how dreadful to think our Local radio station may have to look outside the area to operate.

  4. I hv signed livepool no matter hw & dis season is 4 never walk alone.

  5. we will never walk alone.for united we stand .lets keep it up.

  6. am lookig forward for more attacking option and hopefully more signings from the man who is doing wonderfully well,kudos to brenda rogers.we will never work alone,to all liverpoodians across the globe,happy new year

  7. can liverpool resign there once shining super striker but know underfire or on a low key at stamford brigde i mean fernando torres the one i usually call el nino,or what do you guys think e can do to improve our chances of finishing top four.

  8. Can think of very few sides who play that Christmas tree formation. Venables and Hoddle used it with England in the 90s, Ancelotti used it with AC Milan, but owirethse, I’m struggling to think of examples, especially recently. There has to be a reason for that, but I’m not Zonal Marking enough to know it.In theory, yeah, it could work. And I imagine we’ll see those XI players at some time, but probably not that formation; Gerrard in CM with Maxi and Jova as wingers. However,1) Jovanovic isn’t anywhere near enough of a midfielder for that formation. Maybe Meireles wide with Poulsen holding or straight swap for Lucas.2) More importantly, would depend on the roles defined by the manager. Would Gerrard and Cole try to take up the same attacking midfield positions? Can they be trusted to know when to move wide and when to come centrally (and both would need to go wide at points), and not play atop each other/cancel each other out? Would Torres drop deep at other times, making it ostensibly a 4-3-3?As apparent from the diagram, it’s a narrow formation. Which would mean Konchesky and Johnson would have to provide most of the width. Which isn’t a new situation, just thought it worth a mention. It’s even narrower than the 4-2-3-1, especially if Gerrard and Cole are the attacking midfielders (unlike, say, Kuyt and Jova/Babel etc).It also necessitates classic pass-and-move, quick thinking, fluid football from the midfield forward. Which we haven’t seen much of this season, no matter how early it is.So and I really don’t mean this condescendingly; this is the sort of ‘fun on the Internet’ argument I enjoy it seems more like a FIFA/Football Manager formation than likely to happen on the pitch.

  9. actually there is one with Rooney shooting at the ditercor of the commercial. quite predictable as well but funny. especially because the ditercor asks him to do more Ronaldinho-ish stuff.


  11. we need beta striker nd midfielder

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