Does Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers know what his first eleven is against Stoke?

Liverpool are coming to the end of their pre-season tour, and host Stoke City in their first game of the Premier League season. But what is Brendan Rodgers’ ideal starting eleven?

Borini really hasn’t done it for me just yet and I think every Liverpool fan are slightly frustrated by his lack of goals in a red jersey. Before the pre-season started I did say that Borini needed a good run out in every match, he needs to get his confidence up definitely before the season gets underway. I do feel for him at the moment, if he don’t start really impressing he’s in danger of being benched all season. I’d like him to get every pre-season game under his belt and a few goals.

“Can we really see him starting against stoke?” I doubt it, especially if Rodgers decides to add more attacking options to his group before the end of the transfer window.

I’m starting to wonder if Toure is going to play a bigger part this season than I actually thought he would. It’s definitely a possibility with the retirement of Carragher and the poor form of Martin Skrtel last season he could play a major part. I would expect Rodgers to be signing another centre back as I’m not sure if he would be able to rely on Skrtel and Toure. I ‘am happy with the signing of Toure, I think its a clever bit of business on Rodgers part. He was once one of the top centre backs in the premier league and I suppose the experience will be useful to the reds this season. You never know he might surprise us all just like the great Carragher did last year after knocking Skrtel down the pecking order.

I’ve had a good look at the signings he’s made and I’m wondering if they are mainly squad fillers rather than players that’s going to start every game. I honestly haven’t seen enough of the likes of Aspas and Alberto, so like most fans I’m undecided. Coutinho, for me is going to be one of the main stars for Liverpool next season, I’ve been so impressed with his ability since he joined the Anfield club. His ability to see a pass is sensational. He’s a typical Brazilian, being classy, tricky and very skilful. Alberto as actually been compared to Coutinho by Rodgers, saying he’s a similar type of player creating a lot of goals and having the ability to see that deadly pass.

Aspas however, as been compared to Michu, both scoring the similar amount of goals in la liga. Michu did take the premier league by storm in his first season so everyone’s got hight hopes for Aspas this season. Maybe this is a little unfair, putting extra pressure on his shoulders but the Spanish seem to adapt to the premier league very well.

Maybe it’s too early to talk about Liverpool’s first eleven against Stoke as I’m personally eyeing up at least another two major signings. I’d think he would know about six or seven players that are sure to start.

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